About Us

About Our Institution

The Institution aims at imparting education that is man making, character building and creating an ideal citizen in the global perspective. Such education is imparted that may boost career opportunities for self – fulfillment.

Forty years ago the west Region of Baramati Tahasil of Pune District in Maharahstra was an arid, abstract and economically and educationally backward region but some of the visionaries of this region joined hands & hearts together with the idea of ‘progress through co-operation and education.’ Late. Shri. Mugutrao Sahebrao Kakade, the Founder President of our College was one of the pioneers of Co-operative Sugar Industry Movement in Maharashtra. He established Someshwar Sugar Factory. The cultivation of sugarcane brought financial prosperity to ordinary farmers. Being a visionary, he realized the need of cultivating young minds, to balance the material progress of the farming community. As a result, the Institution M. S. Kakade College was established at Someshwarnagar in 1972.

The vision of the ‘progress alongwith the cultured minds’ was the major concept behind the establishment of the educational enterprise. In order to cultivate the young minds and provide higher education to the poor farming masses, this Institution began its mission. The Institution is surrounded mainly by the agricultural and socio economically backward community. The idea of welfare of entire community in the area was an integral dream of the founders of the college.

The easy access to the higher education was provided for all the communities residing around the place. The Institution provides admissions to all the students from socially and economically backward classes. It was decided that the admissions should be open to all the students who qualify the previous qualifying examination with minimum passing marks and who aspire for higher education. The adverse economic condition of the student should not hinder the educational opportunity, hence, the management of the college has been generous in providing the financial assistance and concessions in the fees to the needy students.

The Institution tries to perform a key role in human research development. It makes sincere efforts to foster the global competency among the students. It endeavors to inculcate a value system among student in relation with social, cultural, economic and environmental realities. The Institution has decided to promote the use of update and upgrade technology in the teaching and governance of the college. The institution dreams of the educational campus where everyone is prepared to make use of information and communication technology. This vision has been reflected in the implementation and execution of information communication Technology based degree and diploma courses.

In all its quality effort in higher education the institution has built up a mechanism to monitor the performance of the institution by seeking feedback from the students, teaching, non-teaching staff, prominent alumni and stake holders.

Our Vision

  • Progression through Co-operation and Education
  • To cultivate the young minds and provide Higher Education to the poor farming masses
  • The access of the Higher Education for all communities, castes and classes
  • Foster the Global competency among the students
  • Inculcate a value system among the students in relation with social, cultural, economic and environmental realities
  • Promote the use of update and upgrade technology in the teaching-learning and Governance of the College
  • Create an educational campus where everyone is prepared to make use of Information Communication Technology

Our Mission

To Create Youth of National Character.

राष्ट्रीय चारित्र्याचे युवक घडविणे.

  • To impart quality education and endeavor with emphasis on values in life for character building.
    नितांत सुंदर शिक्षण संक्रमणातून श्रेष्ठ मूल्यांची जोपासना करीत विद्यार्थ्यांचे चारित्र्य घडविणे .
  • To cultivate and build an ideal citizen in Global Village.
    विद्यार्थांना विश्वं नागरिकत्वाची दीक्षा देणे.
  • To build an institution that is resilient, flexible and productive as to provide career, growth and self fulfillment.
    विद्यार्थांचे हित, व्यक्तिमत्वसंवर्धन व सात्विकता यांचा परिपोष करणारी व्यापक ध्येयवादी, लवचिक व सृजनशील संस्थेची प्रस्थापना.
  • To be responsive to the social environment and bridge the digital divide
    भेदाभेदविरहीत एकात्म समाज निर्माण करणे.
  • To implement such means as to emancipate the inhabitant’s of rural area from totalitarian attitude to life.
    एकाधिकारशाहीपासून विमुक्त अशा ग्रामीण जीवनासाठी परिपोषक वातावरणाची निर्मिती व परिपूर्ती करणे.

Our Objectives

  • To provide various course options in the Arts, Commerce and Science Faculties for obtaining a Certificate / Diploma / Degree.
  • To impart instruction for various course options provided to the students at different levels from Higher Secondary to the Post Graduate classes.
  • To provide excellent support services like sports and recreational facilities to the students.
  • To provide excellent educational services like excellent teaching and learning environment inclusive of adequate and competent teaching staff and excellent library facility.
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