Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


The primary aim of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent, and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.

Strategies of IQAC

  • Ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic , administrative and financial tasks
  • The relevance and quality of academic and research programmes.
  • Equitable access to and affordability of academic programmes for various sections of society.
  • Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning.
  • The capability of evaluation procedures.
  • Ensuring the adequacy, maintenance and functioning of the support structure and services.
  • Research sharing and networking with other institutions in India and abroad.

Functions of IQAC

  • Development and application of quality benchmark/parameters for the various academic and administrative activities of the institution
  • Dissemination of information on the various quality parameters of higher education.
  • Organisation of seminars, workshops on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles
  • Documentation of the various programmes/ activities leading to quality improvement.
  • Acting as a nodal agency of the institution for quality related –activities
  • Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to be submitted to NAAC based on the quality parameters.

Need of IQAC

  • IQAC facilitates to a heightened level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement and facilitate internalization of the quality culture.
  • It enhances and integrates the various activities of the institution and institutionalize many good practices.
  • It provides a sound basis for decision making to improve institutional functioning.
  • It acts as a change agent in the institution.
  • To better internal communication.

Composition of IQAC

The IQAC is constituted under the chairmanship of the head of the institution and with the heads of important academic and administrative units.

It consisted of 04 Management Representatives, 01 Community Representative, 01 Alumni Representative, 07 Teacher Representatives, 01 Administrative and 01 Student Representative.

The internal Quality Assurance Cell has been constituted as per the revised guidelines by the NAAC.

Significant contributions of IQAC in the institutionalization of quality assurance strategies are:

  • Academic audit of the departments is done by IQAC regularly insisting on the implementation of the innovative methods in teaching –learning activities.
  • All the departments are encouraged to prepare departmental time table, teaching plans,lesson plans, etc.
  • The teachers are motivated to organize student seminars, group discussions, field visits and Experts lectures etc.
  • The institution reviews, it’s teaching – learning process, it’s structure, methodologies of operations and learning outcomes by conducting meetings of the departments, organizing activities as per the academic calendar.
  • The systematic implementation of monthly teaching plans, student assignments, tests, classroom seminars, group discussions, paper presentations etc help to review the teaching –learning process.
  • Overall monitoring of the institutional academic and infrastructural development
  • Restructuring of the syllabus at UG and PG levels and evaluation patterns,
  • Insistence on special coaching.
  • Motivation to faculty to undertake major/minor research projects, Registration for Ph.D., attending seminars, conferences and workshops.
  • Guidance for effective organization of the activities like placements cell, soft skill development programmes, establishment of collaboration with the reputed organizations, organizing International conferences, encouragement for infrastructural development.
  • Establishment of Digital Language Laboratory, Introduction of new programme in science faculty (B.Sc. in 2014-15).
  • Introduction of new certificate course in Tally.
  • Automation of Library and administration.
  • Installation of C.C.T.V. cameras, Biometric Attendance Machine, and Wi-Fi internet service in the college campus etc.
  • IQAC insists on promoting the academic autonomy to each of departments for quality development and enhancement. The faculty members have freedom to represent themselves on various Universities academic Bodies and University committees constituted for different purposes.

The following decisions of the IQAC have been approved by the management for implementation:

  • Commencement of Under Graduate Degree course in Science stream from the year 2013-14
  • Installation of E-station Digital Language Laboratory.
  • Organization of Syllabus Restructuring Workshops of department of Marathi and Commerce.
  • Organization of Syllabus Restructuring Workshops of department of Marathi and Commerce.
  • Motivation to the faculty to under-take minor, major research projects, publication of research papers registration for PhD course and participation in national, international conferences and workshops.
  • The suggestion of IQAC regarding the construction of non-resident student center has been implemented.
  • The decisions regarding the establishment of linkages with neighboring industries and entrepreneurs have been approved by the management. The suggestion to seek the students support in the form of scholarships and other material from one of our alumni has been approved. The approval has also been given for collaboration with an alumni for providing Someshwar Palace Hall for conducting the extra-curricular activities and functions of the college.
  • The decision regarding the updating and upgrading of computer laboratory, Science lab, library facilities have been implemented by the Top Management.
  • The decision to provide Wi-Fi connectivity in the college has been implemented in all the major working areas of the college.
  • The decision of IQAC was approved and implemented regarding the organization of ‘Job Fair’ in the year 2015-16 with the support of Career Guidance and Placement Cell of the college.
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