• The Department of History was established in June, 1976-77 under the Faculty of mental, moral and social science. The Department has the capacity to explore new programs. The Department arranged the Expert lectures to enhance the overall knowledge to the students.
  • In makes extracurricular activities among the students organizing Seminars, Workshops and Group discussions for U.G. and P.G. students to improve their subject knowledge and personality development.
  • We create awareness about the social equality, National Pride and Other Important skills.
  • Such as understanding and Interpretation of Historical Events, History writing skills, negotiation skills, reading skills, Research paper writing, project writing, use of ICT in the teaching learning process and Visit to Historical Places to give practical experience to the students.
  • The faculty of Department is actively involved in curriculum designing, research activities and participates in University / State / National / International levels Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.


  • To create a sense of social responsibility and citizenship among the student.
  • To help students to understand the socio economic & local issues prepare to face them.
  • To create an awareness about Indian heritage.
  • To inculcate the principles of democracy and national integration.
  • To orient the students to create an awareness about the importance of national and international Peace.
  • To create a research attitude among the students.


Under Graduate Courses

Sr. No. Course Name Duration of Course
1. B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) 3 years

Post Graduate Courses(2017-18)

Sr. No. Course Name Duration of Course
1. M.A. (Master of Arts) 2 Years (4 semesters)

Future Plans

Department’s Future plans

  • To organize the International seminar.
  • To Establish Ph. D. Research Centre.
  • To organize the Study tour for the student.
  • To organize the special course on career oriented Programme
  • To organize special lectures of eminent personality at national and international level.
  • To organize research conference associate with the Indian council of Historical Research.
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