Prin. Dr. D. B. Waydande
Dr. S. T. Ghadge
Teacher Representative
Dr. N. M. Rajurwar
Teacher Representative
Asst. Prof. R. S. More
Teacher Representative
Assi. Prof. P. Y. Jadhav
Teacher Representative
Assi. Prof. R. D. Gaikwad
Teacher Representative
Assi. Prof. S. S. Shelke
Teacher Representative
Asst. Prof. R. B. Kumbhar
Teacher Representative
Asst. Prof. S. B. Kamble
Teacher Representative
Prof. M. A. Jadhavrao
Management Representative
Shri. S. M. Lakade
Office Superintendent
Dr. Saurabh Kakade
Nominee from Local Society
Ms. Sakshi Khalate
Nominee from Students Class - F.Y.B.B.A.(C.A.)
Shri. Santosh Shendkar
Nominee from Alumni
Shri. Nitin Kulkarni
Nominee from Employer
Shri. R. N. Shinde
Nominee from Industrialist
Shri. Sanjay Ghadge
Nominee from Stakeholder
Assi. Prof. Sanju Jadhav
Sr. No. Name Document
1. UGC 2(f) and 12 (b) View
2. Academic Calendars 2017 to 2022 View
3. IQAC Contribution View
4. Minutes of IQAC Meetings View
5. Action Taken Reports View
6. AQAR Submission Acknowledgement View
7. Academic Audit View
8. Green / Environment Audit View
9. Eneregy Audit View
10. ISO Certification View
11. MoU’s and Collaborations View
12. Stakeholder’s Feedback View
13. AISHE Certificates View
14. Functioning Committees View
15. IQAC Initiatives View
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