The Department of Economics in this college has been functioning since 1974-75, under the faculty of Mental, Moral and Social Science. The Department has the capacity to explore new Programmes. The department conducts special lectures on ‘Financial Budget, Share Market, Modern Banking, Money Policy and Fiscal Policy, Theories of Employment,

Theory of Money, Theory of International Trade, Trade Policy and Exchange Rate, India’s, Foreign Trade and Policy, Economics Applications, Public Finance, Theory of Production, Market Structure, Inflation and Deflation, Business Cycles, India’s Population, Features of Industrial Labours and so on for the students of B.A. and B.Com. In recent times, Economics has concerned to education, health, sanitation and infrastructural development have found place of pride in the age of Information Communication Technology in the world. The Students are participated in seminars and conferences of Economics in University, State, National and International level. The Faculty of the Department is actively involved in Curriculum Designing, Research Activities and participates in University, State, National and International level Seminars, Workshops and Conferences. The Faculty has Published Research Papers in reputed Journals and Publications.  The Department of Economics has taken initiatives to create an awareness of Research among the Students; therefore, the Department of Economics organizes Students Seminars, Group Discussions, making Research Projects and Research Articles from the students.     


  • To provide education in Economics to the students belonging to the rural farming and  backward community
  • To create Global Awareness about present Socioeconomic Trends.
  • To provide Career Orientation to the students to enter in to various public and  private sector industries.
  • To organize Entrepreneurship Development Activities.
  • To provide Consultation to the Agricultural Community
  • Regarding various finance schemes of the Government and Non Government agencies.


Under Graduate Courses

Sr. No. Course Name Duration of Course
1. B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) 3 years
2. B.COM.(Bachelor of Commerce) 3 years

Future Plans

Department’s Future plans

  • Maximum introduction of Information Communication Technology in Teaching, Learning activity.
  • Enter in to the collaboration with National and International Institutes and Research Centers.
  • Organization of Industrial visits at large scales   Industries.
  • Organization of Seminars and Conferences at State and National Level.
  • Organize exhibitions to encourage and guide the student’s community for running a small scale industry  which has an Agro orientation.
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