Name of the Department : Marathi

Year of Establishment: June 1975-76

Formulated Under Statute 158 Pune University

Name of the Programmes / Courses Offered (UG & PG)


  • To make students aware and life oriented to nourish habit of reading literature aims a searching humanity and study of Marathi literature introduce them to various literary forms.
  • Literature deals with the student of literature also gets a kind of social sense.
  • New generation of students which has broken itself away form society can turn back towards it with study of Marathi literature.
  • Retire way of living life makes it more bowering. But literature enriches his consciousness of our self and makes mind more colorful student have writers, poets in them.
  • This productive instinct is attainable through the study of Marathi literature written in students gets a kind of forum magazines and news papers.
  • The introduction to be books and literature which make him more capable of writing lights a deep in sight in them in Tam starts process of thinking. This leads to their endless search for literary forms and experiments.


Under Graduate Courses

Sr. No. Course Name Duration of Course
1. B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) 3 years

Post Graduate Courses(2017-18)

Sr. No. Course Name Duration of Course
1. M.A. (Master of Arts) 2 Years (4 semesters)

Future Plans

Department’s Future plans

  • Enter in to the collaboration with National and International Institutes and Research Centers.
  • Organization of Industrial visits to Small Scale/Large scales Industries.
  • Organization of National and International Level Seminars and
  • Organize exhibitions to encourage and guide the student’s community for running a small scale industry which has an Agro orientation.
  • Provision of Computer and Internet Facilities for Students.
  • Maximum introduction of Information, Communication, Technology in
  • Teaching, learning activity. Commencement of NET, SET Guidance Center.
  • Develop Students competency in writing skill and to establish a research journal.
  • Develop Students competency in writing skill and to establish a research journal.
  • Establishment of Research Centre.
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