Defence and Strategic Studies

Year of  Establishment : 13 June 1978  (General Level) and Since 1981 (Special Level)

Quote University Statute No. :- Section 158 of  Pune University Statute



  • To Study the Defence  System & National Security measures of India.
  • To make the students aware of Defence & Strategic Studies.
  • To inculcate patriotism in the students through study of historical wars, historical personalities & military thinkers.
  • To impart update knowledge about the modern weapons, war techniques & strategy.
  • To collect the information through electronic media & new technique about the war & Security Planning.
  • To encourage students to take up career in the Armed Forces of the Country.
  • To realize our strategic Foreign Policy at International Level.


Under Graduate Courses

Sr. No. Course Name Duration of Course
1. B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) 3 years

Future Plans

Department’s Future plans

  • To introduce Short term Disaster Management and National Security/Industrial Security Course.
  • To establish separate Departmental Library
  • To organized State Level Seminar
  • To arrange Study Visit – ATCS, Tank Museum Ahmednagar.
  • To organized Defence Expert Lectures
  • To organize special lectures for students through college Army Pre-Recruitment Training Center
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