The college has well-equipped residential facility for the college students. The maximum student’s flow for college is from vicinity and daily up-down journey is convenient for them. During the last five years students in single digit have been admitted in the hostels. The college offers following facilities in the hostel:

Accommodation Capacity 25 Girls
No. of Rooms 6
Toilets 4
Beds 25
Dining Hall 1
Accommodation Capacity 25 Girls
No. of Rooms 5
Toilets 2
Beds 25
Dining Hall 1
Recreational Facilities T.V. Set, Newspaper, Magazines
Computer Facility One Computer set with internet connection is available for Hostel Rector.
Facilities for Medical Emergencies The hostel office has first aid box. Part time doctor visits the college and hostel.
Library Facility Hostel has no library, but newspapers, magazines are provided.
Internet and Wi-Fi Wi-Fi facility is available
Water Tank Two Plastic Water Tanks: One Thousand Liters each.
Security Two Watchman
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