Brief History of the Department:

The Department of English in this College has been functioning since June 1976, to cater to the need of teaching and learning languages in view of Three Language Policy of Govt. India. It aims at imparting four basic skills of language acquisition in the long run of the time and to give the students the introductory ideas Linguistic dynamism. Significance of the English language learning has been recognized by the entire world community to establish itself in the progression, dynamism and modernism and no community will prefer to be satisfied in the age of primitivity and ignorance. Very powerfully, English language has absorbed, welcomed and made it an integral part of its uprising spirit the latest and excellent in almost all branches and disciplines of knowledge. In the professional view of progress of a country, English language is playing a role of great instrumentality.

The English language learning is going to play a major role in a great step of Evolutionary idea of Multiculturalism without disturbing any delicate trait and fiber of a culture or an ethnic group. This is the wondrous job that English language learning is going to perform. With this vision this Department was established to improve linguistic competence of English of the nearby rural area.

Special Features of the Department:

  • The department makes extensive use of Information Communication Technology (ICT), which includes use of computer aided teaching / learning materials by its staff.
  • The department has an adequate collection of the teaching materials in the form of books, C.D. /D.V.D. etc.
  • The department has also established Digital Language Laboratory for imparting the written and spoken skills of language and communication skills. For the same, formal agreement (tie-up) is made with Station-e Language Lab, Rajkot, and Gujarat.
  • The department has purchased some teaching and learning modules, soft-wares to optimum use of technology in the independent learning of students.
  • At the department, students are also encouraged to make use of L.C.D. Projectors for their presentations, seminars and workshops.
  • Teachers of the department are trained for preparing their own teaching material and trained to operate the ICT effectively in teaching-learning process.
  • The department arranges Expert Lectures for enriching the competence of the students in English Language and Literature.
  • It also makes an effort to enhance skills development amongst the students by organizing workshops, lectures for both undergraduate students.
  • Occasionally, the department conducts programmes for UG students of Arts, Commerce and Science courses to develop the skills like Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, and Soft Skills as a part of their compulsory English Courses.



  • To impart knowledge of English language and literature to the students from rural, tribal, farming and retarded background
  • To inculcate a sense of good citizenship among the students and develop and improve their good test for life and society
  • To make students to stand on their own, to be self reliant, self dependent and full of self respect
  • To encourage the students for active participation in public perform activities such as Group Discussion, Self Introduction, Paper Reading Contests and responding in Seminars.
  • To improve linguistic competence of English of the nearby rural area
  • To impart the written and spoken skills of English language
  • To enrich the competence of the students in English Language and Literature
  • To develop the skills like Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, and Soft Skills
  • To sharpen the Critical and Comprehension ability
  • To promote the idea of self employment
  • To inculcate the research aptitude among the students


Under Graduate Courses

Sr. No. Course Name Duration of Course
1. B.A.(Compulsory English and Optional English) 3 years
2. F.Y.B.Com (Compulsory English and Additional English) 1 years
3. S.Y.B.Sc. (Optional English) 1 years

Future Plans

Future plans of the Department of English

  • Organization of National Level Seminar.
  • Undertake Departmental Research Project with involvement of teachers and students.
  • Inclusion ICT in regular teaching activity.
  • Organization of academic visits to the reputed institutions of English Literature in learning and Mass Media related centers
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